Trey Songz Dating Former Ray-J Contestant


One of our production sources at VH1 tells us that Trey Songz is “dating” model Ophilia b.k.a. Just Right from “For The Love of Ray-J 2.”  And the reason Just Wright got sent home this week wasn’t because Ray wasn’t feeling her. It was because he couldn’t handle the fact she had been seeing Trey Songz on the sly. And VH1 allegedly edited the Trey discussions out of the show.   Here’s the scoop straight from the source’s mouth:

I’m sure A LOT of your readers are puzzled as to why Ray-J sent home Just Right instead of Luscious, who slept with his homie. Just Right being boring and not connecting with him is the furthest from the truth because there is footage of him holding her hand and having a solo datethat they decided not to show. The real reason why Just Right was sent home was because Ray-J was falling for Just Right, but could NOT stomach that she was dating and was still in love with rival R&B singer Trey Songz while in his house. So he voted her off because he knew he could not win her over enough to cut Trey off completely. Ray also made sure VH-1 cut out all mentions and footage about Trey Songz out of that episode that is why they made her appear boring and like he did not connect with her.


We’re also told Trey is trying to keep her on the low to not upset  his fans.

Pleasure P Dating Bria Murphy?


After these pics (above) of Pleasure P and Eddie Murphy’s 19 year old gorgeous model daughter Bria surfaced weeks ago, rumors spread that the two were a new couple.  And the alert’s been confirmed by Pleasure P himself…kinda.

Pleasure P was on his Marcus Cooper gentleman steez while chillin’ at Chicago’s WGCI radio station yesterday.  He brought Ms. Bria along with him.  When midday host Loni Swain asked him what was really going on with those two, he admitted that he had met her father Eddie and Bria’s a very good friend.   He also let it slip Eddie “gave them his blessing.”  -Via Theybf