titinyCould it really be that these two are finally headed down the aisle. Over the last two years, we’ve had about three false “possible” secret weddings, the last one supposedly happening right before T.I. went to jail. However, this time Tiny is confirming that the two will wed once he is released. She dishes to XXL:

“Sometime next year, but we can’t really give a date yet because we have to find out exactly when Tip is coming home, we’ll have to just plan around that, but I envision a fairy tale wedding.”

Looks like they’ll literally be making beautiful music together too:

“As far as music together, well, we did one song and we just never really got back in the studio, but I can’t say that you won’t hear anything in the future. I don’t want to give it out yet, I want to hold it to make sure we go in that direction. We have several things that we’re talking about doing together, so we’ll see how that works out.”