A local couple with connections to Swizz Beatz are being accused of running an elaborate crime ring in Arizona, according to the Phoenix New Times.

Nazreth Derboghossian is among three people that were arrested last week of allegedly scamming a bank out of $750,000 and laundering millions of dollars from Mexico in a series of business ventures that included several hip-hop clubs and car dealerships.

Swizz is said to be associated with Derboghossian—who has been charged with 102 felony counts, including conspiracy, fraudulent schemes, assisting in a criminal syndicate, theft by extortion, and other crimes—and the prime suspect’s girlfriend, Jodi Upton, a woman that is connected to the case, but has yet to be charged.

The Arizona Republic reports that Swizz has helped the couple in their business aspirations. The New York-bred hitmaker became friendly with the suspects, during a visit to DMX’s Arizona home. Along with buying 25 vehicles from the pair’s exotic car dealership over the years, he also brought many of his musician friends to their nightclubs, helping the venues to establish a reputation for hosting celebrity clientele. His relationship doesn’t end there, Swizzy is also named as the godfather to the couple’s son.