Kiara Jones born in Dayton,Ohio attended Colonel White Performing Arts high school. I love to sing. I always wanted to be a entertainer every since I was born picking up my moms hairbrushes running around the house singing and dancing I always new what I wanted and that’s Happiness through music. I got my first gig as a model in middle school and went on to join the choir and took voice lessons in high school. After having a ruff life growing up I managed to still complete school, and make a living (Basically) ready to start my life as a mature adult. When I ran into a producer named Robert Ekridge who helped me record my first song entitled (Love n Kiss) Once I released the track I discovered that a lot of people related to what i was talking about which fueled my fire to make more interesting hot tracks speaking my mind.

While having the public to back me up I really love the feedback I receive from making music I truly love and you’ve embraced me with open arms. With that being said Im on a never ending quest to please my fans. Well enough about me let me know how you feel because I’m here for the fans. G.O.D Bless U All & Remember Life Is A Lesson Learn From It. It Will Make You Stronger I Promise…! 🙂

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