The toughest Jew in the biz, revealed to Allhiphop that he’s hitting the lab with Po and mentor, Dr. Dre

Scott Storch:Actually, [I’m] about to start working with Shyne on his project. He’s over in Belize.

Oh, wow…
Scott Storch: Yeah, Shyne’s my man. I’ve been talking to him and I was talking to him all through his prison sentence. He’s always remained a loyal person to me. I am headed to L.A. to work with Dr. Dre on his next album.

Did you work with Shyne before?

Scott Storch: No, we became friends after he was already in [jail] and I found out he was a fan and he’s just a hell of a cool guy. He was real close with my friend Steven. And, Steve is on his management team now. And he put us in contact and it became a healthy relationship. I’m looking forward to doing, not just one record, but doing a chunk on his album.