rihanna and Kemp

Rihanna’s new boyfriend is Mr. Funny Guy! Dodger player Matt Kemp has been spotted with Rihanna over the past week getting extremely close to her. In fact, we never even saw Rihanna get that close to Chris Brown when they were dating!

And it looks like Kemp has himself a sense of humor! He teamed up with Funny or Die to do a fake Match.com audition and what he says may shock you!

He details what he likes in a woman, listing a “chick with a dude’s haircut” and “a lot of emotional baggage.”

He also takes the time to address the fact that he doesn’t hit women. Hmmm, wonder who he’s referring to. Watch the video below—is it too soon for him to be making jokes about both Rihanna and Chris Brown

? Decide for yourself!