Rihanna’s writing a book y’all.  No, really.  Amazon just posted the deets and the book is called Rihanna: The Last Girl On Earth.  Interesting title.  It’s set for a June 29th release date and will be published by Rizzoli New York.  And for just $50, you can see tons of Rihanna images in 144 pages with likely a little bit of writing.

The book is also listed as having contributions by Simon Henwood, who designed her Rated R logo and has been working with her as an art director for her album, videos, and upcoming tour. So this may be a Kanye style book with tons of hot imagery and a bit of captions and writing. Despite internet reports that this will be a “tell-all” of some sorts, that hasn’t been confirmed and actually the evidence points more toward a picture book. So…will you be buying?