After Rihanna and Matt Kemp got frisky and lovey dovey in Cabo and around L.A. these past few weeks, Rih still insists that she’s a single lady.  In a radio interview yesterday, she said:

“I am still single… I am going to the Grammys alone. I always have, even when I was dating somebody.”

While she may not be on “official” couple status with Mr. Kemp, we wouldn’t call her the typical single lady who doesn’t even have any male “company.” Regardless, Rih will be walking the Grammy red carpet solo this Sunday….for those of you wondering.

Is February 8th 2009, still haunting Rihanna?

What happened on February 8, 2009 forever haunts R&B star Rhianna, when her then boyfriend R&B star Chris Brown decided to continually punch her in her face until it was bruised and bloody. Nine months after the incident Rhianna decided to become an advocate against domestic  violence and finally talk about her relationship with Chris Brown and what led up to his outburst of anger with Diane Sawyer on 20/20. In the interview she explained how she thought this would never happen to her after seeing what her mother went through with her father. She explained the reasoning for not going back to Chris Brown after the incident, was because she wanted to be a role model for her young fans by letting them know, domestic violence is not okay. Towards the end of the interview, she made it clear that she’s not interested in any relationships that she wanted time to herself, and focus on her fans and her career.

Two months after the interview, Rhianna is seen locking lips with L.A. dodger’s outfielder Matt Kemp, while bringing in the New Year in Dubai; rumors quickly flew through the media that she had a “New Boo”. Pictures began to surface of the couple hugging, groping and laughing together.  What isn’t too funny is her “new boo’s” haunting past. It is said that Kemp, has a restraining order filed against him for domestic abuse from ex- fiancé and former ford model, Felisha Terrell. She claims he has threatened, stalked and intimidated her. He was constantly being verbally abusive by calling her names like bi***, and yelling in her face.

This seems all too familiar for young Rhianna. Is she really setting an example for her young fans, or is she just setting herself up for failure once again?