When Rihanna first exploded onto the scene a lot of people felt she was a little too close for comfort with Jay Z.

Rumors started to swirl that Jay had taken Rihanna under his wing because they were secretly hooking up, when in reality he was just helping his protégé get her career off the ground.

“It was like, ‘Of course she had to give Jay-Z oral sex to get that deal’,” Yahoo quotes Rihanna as saying. “That rumor was everywhere in Barbados and it was so disgusting.”

Rihanna admits that the rumor became so embarrassing, she found herself acting awkward towards Jay.

“It made me feel really weird. I would even be weird around Jay-Z. I wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye.” She added: “One day, he called and he was like, ‘Yo, you can’t buy into these rumors. You can’t let people move you with anything they say’. The rumors got very funny to me after that.”

Guess pesky hookup rumors come with the territory. Luckily Rihanna has gotten past that and has developed some pretty thick thin. Did you believe the rumor?