John – Ok, Your name is Pacino

Pacino: Yes!

J: Where does that come from?

P: Is an acronym. Pay Attention Competition Is No One. You have to be creative. You can’t have a name like Pacino and cats are like “you jacked that from Scarface!” You have to make it unique, me.

J: So you thought it in acronyms or the name first?

P: I thought of the name first and I already knew that the competition is no one. People called me chino all the time. It is an extension of who I am when I rap. That’s how you walk in the booth nobody can touch me, you not second to anybody. No matter if your rapping, selling boxes or picking up garbage nobody can touch you

J: So this is your first debut album, your first solo piece?

P: It my first solo piece to a point. I had a small album that came out in 2006 called “I am a man” That was the second record but it was the first real record I put out for Milwaukee. That album sold out of state. That album was in ten different states. It was here too but it was everywhere. But one of none is Milwaukee, you can get that on Limewire, it is on Itunes soon. So you can get that there.

J: So what is your inspiration for music you create?

P: My inspiration is great music. When I listen to something on the radio or if I cop someone’s album and I don’t just listen to singles when I buy albums. I listen to the whole body of work and I listening to different styles of writing. Writing also inspires my music. It inspires me to write my music. I can’t have any one else to write for me. Like styles of writing is who you suppose to be.

J: Let’s talk about the cd. You have 15 tracks. One of the songs that stand out to me is actually not on the track listing LOL

P: Yea that’s a bonus record!

J: [laughs] Yea, “Bachelor Card” is on here which is the first single. Break that record down for me.

P: Bachelor Card for me is the song on the record for the women, but I came at it at a different approach. Like this is who I used to be. If you can accept this, they I won’t come at you incorrect. You know how you meet someone and they meet your representative. You extra fly and you act like you haven’t bag more than 5 women in your life just so you can have sex with them sooner and all that [laughs]. So that just me being honest. It’s a real honest record. I want to meet that one that makes me want to delete every single number of every “jump-off” in your phone book, letting her know that I only want to be with her.

J: Now there is another song on here that I was talking about that was all over Facebook and MySpace and everywhere because you was on that other ish. [both laughs]

P: I already know what you talking out!

J: Yea “Lick Her Box” was actually a hot song!!!

P: Aww mann!!!

J: Where did that come from??

P: When I put that album out I did it strategically. I put it out right in the beginning of the summer and I was looking for a way to get the attention of the public again. I have an album coming out. I been doing show after show, and I didn’t have that record that was going to get everybody attention. So I had this beat that was produced by Knoqout for like 3 or 4 months. I didn’t want to make your average club record or average you know, make the hoes dance so I came up with something that women talk about on a daily basis that make since. Nicki Minaj had something to do with that [both laughs].

J: I kind of figured that [laughs]

J: Let’s see you have a lot of local acts. You have Ashley Amore, Curra, J. De’Lon on the record “My Downfall” give us some in-sight about that record

P: When I joined alpha phi alpha fraternity inc. people was saying “oh he rap? Man he a frat boy that go to school [laughes]. He only good in school cause he in a frat.” People really forgot that I do go in. People were making little diss records and thinking I wasn’t going hear about it. And at that time my contract was ending. So people was saying that I wasn’t going be hot cause I didn’t have the beat access like that anymore. So they didn’t think that I still had it.

J: So the record was pretty much a shot to all the haters that thought you were done…

P: People forgot that the competition is no one!

J: Let’s talk about the fact that you are a student and you are a member of a fraternity…

P: You call us “gang members” [laughs]

J: [laughing] Yea that’s an inside joke! As far as artist that are greek that have been making it in, like Pretty Willie, or even bigger artist like Jermiah, David Hollister and the list goes on. How does that make a difference in your music, or even just being a student?

P: That is the most difficult grinds ever in life. Trying to put out an independent album by yourself while maintain good grades. I commend anyone who does it, doing it or has hopes to doing so. I salute you. Being greek and putting out a album makes you more creative. By going to school and doing music, not to say that people that didn’t graduate don’t have an extensive vocabulary. People that do you can tell. You’re not going to rhyme particular word or have particular rhyme sequences’ unless you have studied your craft, or you have a education. I talk about it openly in my songs. People know I’m in school. “I was in college, I spit illy raps/ and I’m really frat” on resume. I’m not hiding it at all that I go to school, although some people do.

J: That was actually my next question. Do you feel that higher education makes you a more creative, more doper emcee, besides the average cat that shoot a jump shot or slang rock?

P: You can be in school and make your regular records. It depends. Or you don’t have to go to school and use that as an excuse. It depends on the approach that you use. Being in school can actually be an advantage. You are in the midst of your fans so you know what kind of music they like. You have your college parties and even your greek parties and you get the feel of the music that they like that is hot. Instead of just doing music and making it your life.

J: Let’s talk about “Angels with Dirty Faces.” You have been getting a lot of attention from this track alone! [laughs]

P: I have? I didn’t even know [laughs]! Angels with dirty faces is people who disguise themselves as real people but they are phony and are ploting to see you fall. If you have One of None each track feeds of each other. From 1-15 but you have to listen to the whole album. From Forever Makes Me Cry which was a sad record the flip side is Angels with dirty faces. Its like, Ok I got my feelings hurt now I see muthaf****s is fake. So this is what I had to say to you!! [laughs] I had to go into Lupe meets Lil Wayne meets Pacino mode.

“Surrounded by demons, and voices of my dreams/ In these four cornered walls you will never catch me sleeping/ Gripping the pillow case, harder than brillo case/ Shaking off the sweat, temperature freezing/”

Like I didn’t even have to rhyme where you quote on quote suppose to rhyme at. Real emcees pick your points, and steel make it a cohesive record. – John Hines

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