A vodka war P. Diddy sparked by using bathroom humor to bash his brand’s competitors has disintegrated into the toilet.

A Long Island liquor mogul demanded an apology Thursday from Sean Combs for calling all vodkas other than Ciroc “pee pee.”

Martin Silver, chief executive officer of Star Industries, filled a toilet bowl with bottles of Ciroc vodka and tried to deliver it to the hip-hop honcho’s midtown office.

“It is not right what he did,” said Silver, whose Long Island-based liquor company makes the popular Georgi vodka.

Silver held his press conference right under the music mogul’s giant Sean John billboard in Times Square.

Combs, who owns 50% of Ciroc, made the disparaging remark aimed at other vodkas during a party he threw last week at the SoHo hotspot Greenhouse.

“If you’re not drinking Ciroc, you’re drinking pee pee,” Combs told his guests.

Silver said he was offended by the comment, accusing Combs of “maligning our product, something that my family has worked on hard for over 30 years.”

Thursday’s stunt backfired when security guards at Combs’ office wouldn’t let Silver and his assistant into the building with the toilet.

“Will P. Diddy talk to us to rectify the situation?” Silver asked the security guards, who responded with unwelcoming expletives.

Silver left with the commode when someone upstairs threw a roll of toilet paper out a window.