Before he had to return to New York to face his one-year prison sentence, Lil Wayne gathered those close to him on Sunday night at the Miami club Dolce.

The Young Money family, including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine were in the building, as well as Wayne’s Hot Boys partner B.G. and, of course, the Birdman. While the crew celebrated the Super Bowl victory of their home team the New Orleans Saints, the mood at the party had an undercurrent of sadness, as everyone was aware of Wayne’s fate. Last week, Minaj discussed her feelings about Weezy’s sentence with MTV News.

“It’s sad, because he doesn’t deserve to go to jail,” Minaj said about Wayne’s legal situation. “I’m a crybaby,” she added, fighting back tears. “You shouldn’t ask me stuff like that. Reality hasn’t set in that he has to go to jail. He shouldn’t have to go to jail.”

However, Wayne has been making sure that he will still be heard from while he’s gone. Rap’s hardest-working MC shot recently videos for Young Money’s “Roger That” and “Girl I Got You,” as well as clips for Rebirth‘s “Drop the World” and Shawty Lo’s “WTF.” According to a source close to the Young Money camp, Weezy shot an astounding 10 music videos during Super Bowl weekend in Miami.

He’s such a strong person, and it’s weird — he’s sitting there doing videos,” Nicki continued. “I found myself e-mailing him about something I wanted him to do for me. When I thought about it, I was like, ‘It’s so selfish,’ ’cause it’s, like, what is the mind frame of somebody that’s supposed to go to jail for months and never served that amount of time in jail? I don’t know. I’m always amazed at Wayne’s dignity. Everything he does, he does with dignity. No matter what you throw at him, you can’t take away his confidence. Something about him is always like, ‘I am still who I am.’ That’s just dope. This dude is a legend.”