Bow down. Hot off the release of her new album Queen, Nicki Minaj is reborn in the stunning video for “Ganja Burn.

Directed by Mert and Marcus, the Egyptian-themed clip opens with a backstory of the Queen’s kingdom being destroyed by her enemies, who “concocted a plan to take the Generous Queen down.” They slaughtered her village, but she reassembled her army “stronger and better than ever,” and defeated them in an epic battle.

The striking six-minute visual was shot during the photo shoot for Queen. Nicki emerges from the sand in the opening scenes and smokes from a pipe. She dons a tribal headdress and metallic bra and panties as her subjects dance around her in a circle of fire. She later rests on a tree branch with pasties covering her breasts, striking the famous pose from her Queen cover art.

“Ganja Burn” is the opening track on Queen, which also features appearances from Eminem, The Weeknd, Future, Lil Wayne, and more.

Watch the Queen resurrected below.


The wait is over. Stream Queen below.