Just one day away from the release of their Culture album, Migos take fans into their recording process in a new freestyle session for “Sway in the Morning.”

The “Bad and Boujee” trio were presented with a fresh batch of beats to see how long it takes them to come up with a song.

“It’s actually weird, man,” Takeoff explained. “If we hear the beat too long, we ain’t gonna do it. As soon as we hear it, I don’t know, you could hear it as soon as it comes on. You get that little drop, the first drop, it’s like, ‘Pull it up.’”

After the first freestyle, Takeoff explained their versatility too.

“We just gotta give it to you because we can do anything and everything when you play it,” he said. “You see how we bounce off each other’s bars.”

At the end of the freestyle session, the trio met actor Laurence Fishburne and plugged their upcoming “Culture Class” at NYU, which is slated for Jan. 28.

Watch the Migos recording process unfold below.