Meek Mill and Drake have squashed their beef and even recorded a new collaboration.

But before the former rivals settled their issues, Meek reveals hearing Drake’s inescapable diss track “Back to Back” in the most awkward situations, including once when he and then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj were on a dinner date with JAY-Z and Beyoncé.

The Philly rapper recalled the hilarious story during his interview with Elliott Wilson for TIDAL’s CRWN series.

“There was one time I was beefing with him, I was sitting at the table—this my first time I was hype as shit—I was with Nicki and shit, we [invited] Hov and Beyoncé to come out and eat with us,” he said. “I’m from the hood, Hov and Beyoncé come eat with us. I’m like, ‘Damn, I’m about to double date with Hov and Beyoncé. This shit is incredible.’”

But the night didn’t quite go as planned. During their double date, JAY-Z was controlling the playlist, skipping through different tracks when Drake’s “Back to Back” came on. “‘Back to Back’ come on by mistake while we at the table,” said Meek.

“I’m like, ‘Oh shit, what the fuck?’”

It made for an uncomfortable situation for everyone at the table.

“So Beyoncé, Hov, and Nicki, everybody just looking like not knowing what the fuck is going on,” said Meek, who tried to avoid the awkwardness. “I gotta take a shit now. I’m like, ‘Goddamn, the fuck?’”

But he and Drake are now able to laugh over it all.

“We even text about that shit,” said Meek, who used “Back to Back” as motivation, and even referenced it on his new Drake collaboration “Going Bad” off Championships.