Master P

Reformed gangster rapper Master P. and actor/former rapper Mark Wahlberg have teamed up to serve Thanksgiving dinner in a high risk community.OSCARS WAHLBERG

Master P. and Mark Wahlberg have teamed with Reachback LA and to serve meals in an area of Los Angeles known for crime and gang violence.

“This is our third year in this program,” Master P. told “It’s great for the community. We are able to give the homeless a hot Thanksgiving meal and feed families in need and that are struggling through these tough economic times.”

Reachback LA’s founder expressed enthusiasm about the impact the event will have on the surrounding communities.

“Growing up in this community has been tough but I’ve been able to overcome obstacles,” Chico Brown said. “It’s wonderful to be able to give back and see the smiles on so many kids’ faces just happy to be able to have a Thanksgiving dinner.”

The event will take place from 4PM-7PM at 1773 East Century Blvd. in Los Angeles.

“Together we can change the world,” Mark Wahlberg said. “Today we will experience what Thanksgiving is really all about, being thankful for what we have and sharing it with others in need.”

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