I see diamond flooded demons, lamborghini angels
halos down wit the doors flappin when they came through
windows up, system bumpin, u the 1 they sang to
same 2 who said they the 1s u should send ur thanks thru
pockets full of blessings, they can sanctify and saint u
u can hear em revvin up in heaven now, cant u?
sandles made of chrome, his soul made of leather
an engine full of sinnin and candy painted feathers
the sound of the motor only revvin/reverend u confess to
i see this all in the eyes of the girl im next to
i asked her “where we goin?”, and she just told me pleasure
hands on the wheel, and her heels on the accela
rator, told her wait up, she kept goin like etcetra
but like a broken record, we’ve come to far to just wheel it back selector
so we gon’ ride foreva, foreva, foreva, foreva, foreva