Over the Christmas break, we brought you guys some exclusive clips from DJ Scoob Doo’s “The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 2.” The DVD gives you the most up close and personal footage of Lil Wayne ever.

Well, since everybody has been talking about our preview on Facebook and Twitter, being the cool dudes we are, we decided to give you a little more. In this exclusive, we catch Wayne in some rare studio downtime. Instead of recording, he’s talking about the ESPN show “Jim Rome Is Burning.”

Wayne said he had quite the time watching Rome rail against Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin. Of course, Kiffin was the talk of the sports world when Weezy referenced him on his No Ceilings mixtape via the “Banned From TV” freestyle.

“[Rome] put what I said up [on the TV screen]: ‘Smoke weed, talk sh– like Lane Kiffin,’ ” Wayne tells Mack Maine in the clip. “Then he said Lane Kiffin said, ‘We don’t indulge in that.’ Rome said, ‘Little do you know, Lane, that you’re gonna be sitting in some high schooler’s living room and his mom is gonna call him from the back. And he’s gonna come up front and he’s gonna have an iPod on, and you know what he’s gonna be listening to? “Smoke weed, talk sh– like Lane Kiffin.” You’re gonna have to say, “We’re cool with that guy you’re listening to.” You know what, Lane? This is a good day for you and Tennessee.’ I was like, ‘N—a, Jim Rome crazy!’ “

In Kiffin’s defense, the coach did thank Wayne on his Twitter page last year in the wake of No Ceilings:

“Looking forward to another great practice today and a huge game Saturday. … Also a huge shout to Lil Wayne for boosting our street cred!”

Sports junkie Wayne also said that when he goes away for his prison sentence next month, he wants to keep up with what’s going on with the athletes and games. “I need to get that ESPN the Magazine sh– in the bing,” he tells Mack Maine.

“The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 2” hits stores January 22, but you can get it now at

“It was about 5 o’clock in the morning. I was watching ‘New Jack City,’ ” Scoob told us about how the DVD series came about. “I heard ‘Cash Money Brothers,’ I heard Nino Brown, I heard Tha Carter. I just shot up like, ‘Ugh.’ Next thing you know, I put a whole DVD together, which was ‘The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 1.’ I gave it to Wayne. He didn’t know what it was. He just knew it was called ‘Nino Brown.’ That’s how it was created. Now the Nino Brown story is the Lil Wayne story. We are going places with this I never imagined. The second DVD is 10 times better.”

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