Lil W ayne covers the front cover of Hip Hop Weekly in their new issue. Check out what Birdman, Wayne’s lawyer Stacy Richman, and a retired NYPD officer are saying about the case below:

“This had nothing to do with DNA at all, because the DNA prospects that they were trying to put on this case had very little to do with the facts of the case itself.” – Lil Wayne’s attorney explaining clarifying why her client copped a plea in his N.Y. gun case.

“We won’t miss a beat. We work hard and work a lot, so it ain’t nothin’.” – Cash Money CEO Baby commenting on how Weezy’s incarceration will affect their business.

“They wanted Wayne. The guy was on stage at the Beacon talking bad about cops who were ten feet from him. What did he expect to happen when he left?” – Retired NYPD officer who spoke anonymously on the Lil Wayne case.