As hip-hop gears for its first summer sans-Weezy in years, the Grammy award–winning rapper has been using his time in incarceration wisely. For one, Wayne’s been doing something he hasn’t had the opportunity to do in well over a decade of performing—rest. It may not be his most ideal way to do so, but this period in his life appears to be having a positive impact.

He hasn’t been doing this time too far away from those who care about him either. Artists Mack Maine and Tyga have been constant visitors throughout his first two months behind bars, and even Diddy spent an hour chatting to the inmate at Rikers Island prison last Wednesday. Aside from face-to-face visits, the thousands of letters he receives on a weekly basis help him pass the days. It may not be every week like he originally intended, but Weezy has written his second official letter (third if you include his sports piece) where he addresses a few of his fans. More importantly, however, he speaks candidly on Mother’s Day and paid homage to all the mothers in the world, including his children’s mothers and his own.

“The love between a mother and her offspring is hands down the most beautiful thing God created. More than money, more than fame, more than cars. You know why? Because true love is the only thing that lasts from the moment you’re born to the second you perish. Everything else eventually leaves, think about it. All love needs to survive is love. To all the mothers who read this letter, I hope this day allows you to feel the love and respect you so rightfully deserve. You are the role models, not me.”

Be sure to read the letter in its entirety this Friday on Wayne’s site: