When you’re a gorgeous celebrity like Kim Kardashian, chances are you’re going to have some admirers. But every so often those admirers cross the line into stalker territory!

Kim has reportedly taken out a temporary restraining order against a man named Dennis Shaun Bowman, whom she claims is a threat to her. In court documents obtained by E!, the man is described as “a delusional fan who has been stalking and harassing Ms. Kardashian since at least October 2009.”

And Bowman has taken his creepiness to the next level—he’s been showing up Kim’s various appearances, sometimes wearing Joker makeup.

According to TMZ, Bowman also tweeted Kim, asking her not to be angry at him for missing a dinner date they were supposed to have in Atlanta. He also started tweeted with Reggie Bush, challenging him to a fight.

Kim said in a statement to the LAPD, “Mr. Bowman is apparently under the delusion that I was and am interested in some sort of romantic relationship with him. Mr. Bowman sends me numerous messages each day telling me, for example, that we are in love, that we will go to dinner together, and that he is going to marry me.”
And Kim’s not just paranoid— LAPD’s Threat Management unit advised Kim the threat was serious enough that she should get a restraining order. Now Bowman must stay 500 yards away from Kim Kardashian and have no contact with Kim.