Rapper Kid Cudi was held at gunpoint by police in Los Angeles Tuesday, in a case of mistaken identity during a search for suspected robbers.

Kid Cudi was falsely accused of burglary and detained by police as he traveled in California on (December 21.)

The rapper was apprehended at gunpoint, according to

The rapper was in Los Angeles for some live performances and recently left a photo shoot. After the shoot, a number of police vehicles surrounded the rapper’s vehicle as well as the others in his entourage.

All at the scene were ordered out of their car and forced to kneel. Soon, they realized it was a case of mistaken identity.

“Who knows, really, the story changed a bunch,” Cudi told “I’m just happy to be back. I’m a free man! For that moment I was not free. I was in handcuffs. It did not feel very comfortable.”