According to S2S Keyshia Cole is going to be a mommy and so is another of her new-found sisters!

A source close to the “Trust” singer told S2S that Keyshia is expecting and the baby is due in March. There’s no word on what the baby’s gender is at this time.

This news confirms rumors that Keyshia is pregnant. She’s also been spotted several places sporting a prominent baby bump. Most recently she was seen courtside at a Cleveland Cavaliers game cheering on her man, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Although, the couple is having a baby together, they’re not planning to jump the broom just yet. Put simply: Daniel hasn’t put a ring on it yet.

That isn’t the only new addition to Keyshia’s family, though. We found out that Frankie has located another of her long-lost children, a 17-year-old daughter, who is also expecting.

Whether we’ll get to meet the new sister on “Frankie and Neffe” is up in the air. We’re told that a second season of the BET reality spin-off won’t be greenlit until Frankie changes her ways. Specifically, producers want her to act more professional and show up for shooting on time.

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