Kanye West  hit the stage in L.A. during Kid Cudi‘s show last night (Dec 22) and dropped some fresh heat in the form of a freestyle.

“This is my first time back in America for the past, like, three, four months,” he told the crowd. “I had to get up out this muhfucka for a second… I love the game so much and I’m so passionate about it that I just can’t take this shit sometimes. And if they take everything away from me, it wouldn’t fucking matter. Artists be too concerned about their well-being sometimes.”

After spitting a few bars (“I’m so anxious I get anxiety/Begging one of these fucking fashion houses to hire me”), ’Ye called his girlfriend Amber Rose to the stage and gave a special shout-out:

“You gotta give it up for my baby girl right here for being in the new VIBE…”