As Kanye West and Che “Rhymefest” Smith are teaming up for yet another project, this time it’s Chicago youth who will be making the music.

West and ‘Fest’s latest collaboration is “Got Bars,” a recently-announced music and fitness education program put on by a collaboration between Donda’s House (the Chicago non-profit named for West’s late mother) and the ARK youth center of South Side church, St. Sabina’s.

The free 10-week program will help participants learn to write and record music in a studio. WBEZ reports the program also includes lessons about exercise, nutrition and “life skills” like etiquette training, goal-setting and media literacy.

“I am so happy to launch ‘Got Bars’ to honor Kanye West’s mother’s memory and to fulfill one of my Aldermanic campaign goals,” Rhymefest said in a statement, alluding to his unsuccessful 2011 bid for Chicago’s City Council.

“My mom spent her life as an educator and I am happy that Donda’s House can pick up her torch and honor her life’s mission,” Kanye added in a statement.

The program, which starts in August, is for youth between 15 and 24 years old. In an interview with Jet, Donda’s House Executive Director Donnie Smith said,

“There aren’t many programs that service that particular demographic. If you look at individuals who perpetuate violence in the city, that’s the age range.”

Smith said after the successful rollout of the pilot program in Chicago, they hope to take “Got Bars” national.

At the end of the program, Donda’s House will release an EP that includes the participants’ songs. Similar programs, like Minneapolis’ North Community Beats and Rhymes program, have been behind the viral hits like the ode to snack foods, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” and “My Bike.”