Jay-Z & Friends took their promo run to 395 Hudson St. and checked in with Angie Mar on Hot 97. Tickets for the Garden go on sale Friday. Mobb Squad

  • After discussing the crisis in Haiti, Hov speaks on his religious beliefs and repudiates involvement in any “secret society”.
  • The newly christened Mob Squad talk tour bus arrangements.
  • Jeezy speaks on his philanthropy and TM 103. After, Jay-Z comments on his previous tours. Trigga then expresses his excitement for hitting the road.
  • The Mob Squad field listener questions. Jay addresses Birdman’s jabs and rap lines. Jeezy talks resolving beef and touring.

Jay-Z, Young Jeezy & Trey Songz Interview (Ed Lover Show)


Jay-Z woke up early this morning and headed to NY’s Power 105.1. Along with opening act Trey Songz, Jay’s in the studio to plug the upcoming BP3 tour.

Part 1

Runnin’ late, Da Snowman just walked in the building from an all night session with Swizz. Jay compares the good vibes to Hard Knock Life. A gang of touring questions.

Part 2

Hov is about do Garden for the eighth time. Trey gets his mack on. When’s Jeezy’s album coming? Jay and Jeezy explain “LeBron, Dwayne Wade” line. Trey’s criticism of R.Kelly.

Part 3

Jay calls Cowboys-Jets Super Bowl. More TM 103 talk. Trey’s future plans. Jay touches on religion. Beanie beef. Drake. Lupe. Hov cosigns “Exhibit C”.