DrakeWaleCudiGQ is naming Drake, Wale, and Kid Cudi– “Man of the Year”

It’s been confirmed that GQ is naming all 3 fellas–Drake, Wale, and Kid Cudi– “Man of the Year” this year.   All of them did a photoshoot in last month (above) for the magazine’s “Man of the Year” issue, but it was unclear which one of them received the title.

But we’ve confirmed with Wale’s rep that GQ decided to take a different approach this year.  Instead of doing 1 big A-lister as the GQ Man of the Year (Jay-Z and 50 Cent are two of the most recent recipients), they decided to give the title to 3 up and coming guys who are killing the scene.  Congrats to the fellas.  The issue hits stands in December.


DMX got into a big thingy over the weekend in Colorado. Well, he got to a concert late and they didn’t want him to go on. DMX wanted to go on and they threatened him. Whatever. Here are some other details I heard. I heard the security there tried to pepper spray DMX about a foot from his eyeball. LOL! The way my homey Irv Da Phenom described it was crazy. He sald the cops – key stone cops – were slamming people and being abusive. DMX finally got to a mic and had all the people engage in a prayer. After that, everybody chilled out and stuff.


Clearly, Beyonce is on a path of world domination.

One of the main parts of the industry that B has not taken on is the area of the record label. I’m hearing that’s all soon to change in a few. Yes. My peoples sent me a lil note that said that Beyonce is going to soon get going on  her label after much of the dusk has settled with touring and her recent album stuff, she is going to start on a label. There was no timetable given, but she did suggest that she’d be willing to start a “family” in about 5 years.


Remember when Weezy was upset with Eminem for not doing a track with him??  Well he’s not the only one.  Madonna wanted to collaborate with Slim Shady but he wasn’t with it…she recently said…“I wanted to work with Eminem. I don’t think he wanted to work with me. Maybe he’s shy.”…hmmmm I doubt it was because he’s shy…remember Madonna isn’t always honest about why people dont like her like how she claims her and Michael drifted apart when he actually thought she was a rude whore and didnt want anything to do with her.