FantasiaFantasia Barrino has had an interesting career since winning the third season of “American Idol” in 2004. She’s released two albums, with plans to release a third this year; made the Lifetime movie “Life Is Not a Fairy Tale,” based on events in her real life; and starred in “The Color Purple” on Broadway. Now, Fantasia will finally show the world her true self in her new VH1 show “Fantasia for Real,” premiering Monday at 10 p.m. ET.

In the show, the singer wants to clear up all those crazy rumors that have been out there about her, most notably the one about her house being up for foreclosure and “Idol” judge Simon Cowell bailing her out. She said she’s still living in the house she was reportedly losing back in 2008.

“The foreclosure thing was false,” she told MTV News. “But someone was coming after my house. I own two homes, and they were put up for auction and all this lawsuit stuff was very new to me. Some of the people that I worked with in the beginning, who kind of said they’d take care of everything, well, they didn’t quite have my back like they said they did.”

She said the rumors were especially hard on her since she was working to support her family.

“It was just embarrassing, especially when it’s me and all of my family, and I fought so hard,” she explained. “And the house that I’m in now is just one of my dream homes, so up until the very last day, we began to pack things up, and I paid out of my pocket. No, Simon Cowell did not help me with anything! And they finally settled and I’m in my house now, which you will get to see me in on the show.”

With 2008 behind her, she wants her fans and critics to get the story straight from her instead of from the gossip rags. “I felt like everybody was allowed to sit back and watch that stuff, and I’ve always been an open book ever since I was on ‘Idol,’ ” she said. “I’ve always given the real me. But I kind of wanted everyone to hear it from the horse’s mouth, how things kind of went down, what the truth is, and kind of watch me as I rebuild my dynasty and kind of grow up from some of the things that were hindering me.”