Dinner and a movie, picnics in the park, breakfast in bed: food plays a major role in our relationships. A romantic dinner with your man can provide more than just stimulating conversation and a food coma. These ten titillating foods can help lead you from the table to the bedroom and beyond.

Juicy Fruits


Juicy fruits can really double your pleasure. The fleshy texture, sweet-tart flavor and sticky juice of mangoes, pineapples, peaches and melons can create sensory overload. These fruits are great to bite into just before getting coital. He can suck the excess juice off your fingertips as foreplay.



Sometimes it’s hotter under the water. The soft, moist texture of oysters will tease your tongue and the brine will trigger a stream of saliva. Also, oysters are a great source of zinc, which is a testosterone tipper, meaning he’ll bring more passion to the sack. Another perk: if you’re trying to get pregnant, this shellfish also increases his sperm count.



Eating artichoke is a process, which is exactly why it’s the sexiest vegetable out there. Sliding the soft meat off of a leafy layer of artichoke dipped in a warm sauce and fed to you by your beau is enough to get the nerve endings on the tip of your tongue to pay attention. The pantothenic acid in artichokes helps to up our response to stimulus, so you’ll know what to do when the feeling hits you.



Cupcakes are a sweet way to get close to your cutie. Be a messy eater. He’ll love licking the leftover traces of icing that end up in the corners of your mouth and that extra blast of sugar will likely lead to an even messier make-out session.



These creamy, salty (if nuts are salted) treats are fun to feed each other, especially if you need an energy boost between romping sessions. It’s rumored that the smell of almonds gets us girls going. If you’re not in the mood, try lighting an almond-scented candle and just follow your nose.



Aside from a slight phallic resemblance, asparagus is jam-packed with Vitamin E, a known libido booster.



Ginger is known for its stimulating powers. The spicy root assists with better circulation, increasing sexual urges. Sip on some ginger tea or chew a few sweet and spicy pieces of candied ginger after dinner. You might just get a new craving.



Planning to pull an all-nighter? Consider ordering some guacamole with your tacos. Avocado is full of folic acid, which assists in breaking down protein for extra energy. You can get the session started at dinner by feeding each other scoopfuls of your favorite green dip on tortilla chips. The B6 and potassium will boost your sex drive, ensuring that you two will be in it for the long haul.



This is a no-brainer. The smooth yet bumpy texture of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries can give you a fun feeling that starts off in your mouth and ends up with you on the floor. Berries are full of vitamin C, which improves the functions of your adrenal glands and can lead to more or better orgasms. It also strengthens your joints and makes you more limber if you know what we’re saying.



Chocolate can be tricky, ladies. It contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that can make you feel like you’re in love. So, you might want to wait until you’ve really fallen before you share the benefits of a rich piece of dark chocolate with your honey. The good feelings it gives you could lead you to show him just how much you care. Essence