Drake scores his first cover of 2010 with Complex. Already ahead of the curve, you can read the entire feature here. Watch behind the scene footage of the cover.

On the negative feedback from the “Best I Ever Had” video
You can do something you believe in and people will still say, “This sh*t is terrible!” But I still believe in Kanye’s vision. Maybe we didn’t do a great job with getting the point across—it was supposed to be a humorous video. When I read the comments, I was like, Man, I guess no one wants to laugh anymore. Everybody wants the fairy tale, you know?

That’s what happens when you have passionate fans. They feel like they’re a part of your career. So it’s like, “That’s not what I would’ve done for you.” We’re in a day and age when videos are dead. There’s no outlet for them. That video did its job—it was a conversation piece. It has however many million views. It’s great that people love to see you, but videos don’t propel you like they used to. Your video going number-one doesn’t really mean much anymore. ‘Cause it’s only 106 & Park.

Drake on His Loyalty To Young Money
Everyone seems to have a comment for me about Young Money, “f*ck Young Money” or “Why are you with them?” But what people have to understand is maybe there was a way for me to be successful without Young Money. But we’ll never know. My loyalty is to Wayne, and that goes for anybody who genuinely believes in me. We don’t have the most personal relationship where we hang out every day or we talk that much, but Wayne’s admiration and respect goes without being verbally said. He put his neck out there for me at a very early stage, and those actions tell me everything I need to know about how he feels about me as an artist.