While reflecting on the days when he and Jay-Z ran the world for Esquire Magazine’s People Who Matter issue, Dame Dash tells a story about “the day he knew he’d lost Jay-Z“.

In the story that centers around their clothing company, Rocawear, and takes place just as Jay-Z was about to take the CEO job at Def Jam, Dash credits marketer Steve Stoute with successfully pulling Jay away.

“It was me and Jay and the two Russians [Alex Bize and Norton Cher] voting on every decision, and I controlled the vote, because I always had Jay’s vote,” said Dash.

“But one day they brought me to a hotel. I said, ‘Why are we meeting at a hotel?’ and it was because they didn’t want anyone to hear me yelling. That was the day they told me they didn’t want [celebrity photographer] Mario Testino to shoot the ads. Here the Russians were telling me how to cater to my people! I wanted [Rocawear] to be sold at Bergdorf Goodman’s, not Dr. Jay’s!  In th  e end, Steve Stoute Jay stopped listening to me and started listening to him.” we was making money of them.

Not long after that day, Jay-Z and Dame Dash made their separation official, with Jay purchasing his stake in Rocawear for $30 million.

In more recent news, Dash released a collaboration album with The Black Keys entitled, BlakRoc, which featured artist such as Mos Def, Jim Jones, RZA, Raekwon, and Nicole Wray on November 27th.

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