Yesterday I had the chance to sit down w/ Pleasure P. The grammy nominated singer is facing some terrible allegations about child molestation. As we talked, I sense the pain in his eyes, and I heard sincerity in his words. He was definitely frustrated and hurt by these claims. I asked him how he was dealing with all of the drama and he told me that it’s friends like Bria Murphy who have been very supportive during the whole ordeal.

“She has been very supportive and I thank her very much.” Pleasure P said.


You can tell a lot when you look a man in his eyes and talk about real things. I’m glad Pleasure P has a friend like Bria to help him through these hard times. While Pleasure went over the details of his blog on globalgrind, Bria and him discuss plans to get something to eat and Bria and I discussed the details of her book. Overall it was great to see the friends interact with one another. -Global Grind