Beyonce  about to be paid out of this world! According to acclaimed Vegas Confidential columnist Norm Clarke, Beyonce is about to become stupid rich! Beyonce is supposedly about to sign a deal for a Vegas show that will pay her about $750,000 per show at the Wynn hotel.  This will be a long-term deal. But here is the catch; I heard that the money could go as high as $1 million in paper per show. Nothing is confirmed on B’s end,  but they are saying Garth Brooks had a similar deal and he denied it until it was a done deal.


Lil Kim

I cannot confirm this but it would SEEM that there is some angst between Lil Kim and Nicki…well just Kim. I cannot CONFIRM, but these quotes are out there on the net. Somehow, I think they are fake, because Kim and Nick just appeared on a song together. Here are the quotes.

“I need yall to spread my new profile picture around! Just know everything I do is for a reason. QB 2010 I’m coming hard! You will never diss me and get away with it! “There will NEVER be another me, WHAT YOU OUT YA MIND?”

” I want to puke. Yall see this s**ton 106? I’m in the studio going nuts!!! I thought I saw a stunt double. All you need is my beauty mark!! OMG!! Hahaha..back 2 the booth now!”