Season Greetings,

Happy Holidays everyone. I am Tiffany from Season 3 of the Bad Girls Club. I just want to say this year has been eventful and blessed and with all the doors that GOD has opened for me.. I have made a clear choice to make certain changes in my life. I’ve started a Non Profit called “From a  Bad Girl to A Great Woman” and launched my website with all this being said…I have been reaching out to young girls and ladies in the Chicago and surrounding areas about changing attitudes  and “bad girl” ways  to help them go about finding healthy ways to express our anger and dealing with life’s problems.

Well This Christmas I am partnering with a Group of young ladies ages 13 to 17  they are part of a Group called “When Girls become Women” and I am asking for donations of New Hats, Gloves, and Scarf’s  for these young ladies. I am hosting a Holiday Party for them on the 12/17 and would like to have these items as their gifts.


I have GROWN so much since BGC 3 and as I continue to grow I just want to share my life experience. GOOD and BAD!!!!
GREATNESS is in the air!!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Tiffany Torrence-Davis