AshleYYY-Make Me Real Bad

AshleYYY reveals the cover art for her new single Make Me Real Bad produced by Justin McCulla from her website,  she explains the concept behind the song below:

“Bad boy, big toys

Working with machines I ain’t never seen

Cow boy, fun toys

Riding on the beat like a melody

The beat drops for him, so the beat goes hard

Tougher than a gang of thugs, he’s something like my bodyguard

Body in submission, so my body won’t go far

Pulls in many fans but I’m his number 1 die hard…”

Just wanted to give you all a taste of my next single with some of the lyrics! Can’t wait to perform this – it’s one of those songs that brings out another side of you Time to spice it up! *Dancing in my chair* lol

This track was produced by the one and only, Justin McCulla, music composer, who is also from the Mil-town! I love working with him because his music tells a story, and motivates me to think outside of the box as a writer. #TeamWork!

THIS SINGLE DROPS NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3rd! Can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it