Ladies everywhere have a new reason to rejoice seeing as veteran actress Angela Bassett recently confirmed rumors she’s reuniting with Whitney Houston for a sequel to their hit 1995 film “Waiting To Exhale”.

The hit romantic movie, about the love lives of four female friends in Phoenix, Arizona, was a big screen adaptation of renowned author Terry McMillan’s 1992 best selling book. The follow-up according to Bassett is based on the author’s 2005 novel “Getting to Happy” and is already in the works.

Angela also revealed that the ENTIRE original cast, including Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon, are all on board for the upcoming project, which will see Forest Whitaker returning as the director.

Speaking on chat show The Talk this past Thursday, Bassett said, 

“It’s preliminary but it’s going to happen, Waiting to Exhale 2. She (McMillan) wrote Getting to Happy and she’s written the screenplay… Loretta, Lela, Whitney, Forest. Forest is working on the script now.”