The typo, which mixes the name of the deceased terrorist leader with that of US president Barack Obama, has caused much hilarity on Twitter.

Viewers watched as ‘Breaking News. Reports: Obama Bin Laden Dead’ popped up on screen, but Fox has responded by saying it was an easy mistake to make, noting that other providers have made similar gaffes in the past.

People around the world are tuning in to their respective news channels to learn more about the operation that finally tracked the al-Qaeda leader to a compound in Pakistan, but the rush to get stories out has led to a number of similar mistakes. pointed to Countdown host Keith Olbermann’s gaffe when commenting on the Fox error.

Just prior to calling out the network for its typo, he made one of his own, noting that George W  Bush ‘personally de-prioritised the hunt for Obama’.

Watch – US celebrates Osama bin Laden’s death: