Tiger Woods has some major damage control to do and he’s starting with his wife Elin Nordegren.

The couple is reportedly in “intense couples counseling

” in order to save their marriage following his cheating scandal.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the two “have already begun intense marriage counseling.” The therapy has allegedly been taking place at their home “with a counselor who has been conducting sessions several times daily.”

Other outlets are reporting that Elin was promised a “hefty seven-figure amount” of money if she stays in the marriage.

According to the Sun-Times, a source close to the family said she demanded “a total rewrite on the couple’s prenuptial agreement” that makes the “incentives” for her to remain Mrs. Tiger Woods more appealing money wise of course.

At this point, the couple needed to remain married for 10 years in order for Woods’ wife to collect a splitsville settlement of $20 million.

Meanwhile, more women are coming out of the woodwork claiming to have affairs with Tiger. Three women have come forward claiming to have had affairs with the golf pro, and Vegas insiders tell HHUCIT exclusively that more are expected to come forward in the upcoming weeks.

Scandalous! This Tiger Woods cheating scandal is getting nastier and nastier as the days go by.