The music industry is continually changing, with CDs taking over from tapes, iTunes taking over from CDs, and now Spotify taking over from iTunes. Streaming platforms such as Spotify allow users to stream your tracks without technically owning a copy of them, making the music-listening experience more affordable, easy, and enjoyable for everyone.

This means that musicians need to be sure to enhance their presence on Spotify, and that’s what Streambeet is here to help you with. Their organic Spotify promotion services seek to get you organic Spotify plays, Spotify followers, grow your Spotify monthly listeners and overall organic Spotify promotion. They also help get you featured on genre-specific Spotify playlists, allowing listeners to discover your tracks amidst other similar tracks from your musical niche.

Streambeet is a cost-effective service which help artists grow their Spotify plays and Spotify followers in exchange for a very reasonable fee. They have pricing structures that differ depending on the size of promotion you desire. Their service will continue promoting you until your numbers are reached or will continually run until you acquire the amount of Spotify plays, Spotify followers or Spotify monthly listeners you paid for.

So, how exactly do they do it?

How they promote your Spotify account

Their organic Spotify promotion uses a cornucopia of tactics to attract regular and monthly listeners to your Spotify account. Organic Spotify promotion refers to promotion that is real and not generated by bots or computers. Spotify can often detect if plays are “real” and performed by humans, meaning that it is always best to encourage real people to visit your account in order to grow your organic Spotify plays.

Email campaigns

They use email blasts to promote your music, simultaneously emailing millions of listeners and encouraging them to listen to your Spotify tracks. This is one of the best and most authentic means of organic Spotify promotion that can exponentially increase your Spotify followers. They email listeners based on genre, matching your tracks’ styles up to their musical tastes and interests. Their carefully-designed email campaigns are sent out at regular intervals whilst not being too frequent – no one wants to be spammed, and spamming only deters your potential Spotify followers.

Sponsored Ads

Social media platforms such as Facebook are a great place for advertising and marketing campaigns, as they allow you to advertise to niche audiences that have certain interests and demographics. This means that they can set up targeted ad campaigns that aim to get your music in front of people who like similar artists and who are in your desired age range and locations. This encourages organic Spotify promotion, and is a great way to attract Spotify followers without invasively emailing them all the time.

Partner lists and affiliates

Though we shan’t name names, they have an extensive network of contacts and partners in the music industry that can help you out with organic Spotify promotion, using their influence to increase your Spotify plays and followers – sometimes it’s about who you know! Their partners include music promoters, online radio stations, playlist compilers, and various other parties. The best way to achieve organic Spotify promotion is to have a vast network of people working on your behalf to promote your music via digital means. It can be very useful to have contacts in the music industry who can help you out with your Spotify plays and Spotify followers – they can equip you with that invaluable and extensive network.

Spotify playlists

They use their network of contacts, which includes the compilers of popular Spotify playlists, to get your tracks featured on popular Spotify playlists that correspond to your genre or subgenre. Many people use Spotify playlists to discover new music that is similar to the music they already like, so being included on these Spotify playlists can easily see you gathering Spotify plays and followers whilst simultaneously being mentioned in the same breath as some of your musical idols and peers within your genre.

Though we have mentioned some of their main promotion techniques here, they also have additional methods of acquiring organic Spotify promotion that we plan on keeping a secret! All of the aforementioned methods have been tried and tested by Streambeet over an extensive period, and we can assure you that they all work exactly as intended.

They specialize in getting you Spotify plays and Spotify followers for a very reasonable price, providing you with an affordable and cost-effective means of promoting your music organically and encouraging more and more Spotify users to give your tracks a try.

If you’re looking to exponentially increase your Spotify plays and Spotify followers, then you’ve come to the right place! Streambeet has the experience, tools, and expertise to get you the plays, followers, and recognition that you deserve.
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