Shaq must make a habit out of making other NBA ballers’ baby mamas his jump-offs. According to TheyBF Shaq cheated on Shaunie for the last year with Oklahoma Thunder baller Damien Wilkins’ baby’s mama. Latosha Lee–a stripper from Atlanta who now lives in Orlando–and Damien–originally from Georgia–share a son and are no longer a couple.  But we have seen the risque and juicy emails between a very married Shaquille O’Neal and Ms. Lee.

Apparently Latosha was upset that Damien denied their son Caleb in a few interviews with ESPN–he spoke about his other son Jayden when asked about family and purposely did not mention their son together Caleb.  Of course, Latosha cried on Shaq’s shoulder…and flew several times to see him for sexcapades in Cleveland.  We’ve seen the shocking flight itineraries, sext pics, emails of Latosha begging Shaq to be with her, and much more.

Latosha’s emails to Shaq involve her begging him to be with her, to “buy her a purse because she just saw Sex and the City and wants a nice one,” and reminiscing on their sexcapades.  She clearly doesn’t care that Shaq has about 20 other women on the “keep this quiet” payroll, but we don’t know if Laura Govan does.

And if you’re wondering how Shaq kept this many women in his revolving bed in Cleveland without his wife knowing, we are too.  And we’re told that Shaunie “was not invited” to Cleveland, despite the fact that she was more than willing to work out their marital problems and stay together after the first separation.  She stayed in Miami with the kids, as we previously reported.  Too much got to be too much with all the blatant cheating, and Shaunie filed for separation a few weeks ago. -TheyBF