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On the pics of her grabbing boobs online:
There are tons of those pictures. I grab boobies all the time, I’m obessesed. I don’t have much so anytime I see a good rack I’m like “wow, I wish mine looked and felt like that”. Women are beautiful. I’m not into them but they are hot.

On her nude photos leaking:
Which ones? The hot ones? They should be hot, they were for my boyfriend at the time. If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures then I feel bad for him. Trust me I was [freaked out], that was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me. I just feel like my privacy was taken before that and then when that came out I was like “Oh great! So, Now there is nothing they don’t know about my private life”. It was humiliating and embarrassing, especially my mom having to see that and it was two days before Mother’s Day so I was nervous…

On what people think about her
I am misunderstood alot at times. My music, my image. People have their whole thing about me. Whether it be me being a devil worshipper or whatever the hell. I’m just being me and I’m just making music the way I would without any influences. Just me and my personal life. I just said everything I wanted to say. I even cursed a few times.

On the flack from the Diane Sawyer Interview
I expected that. It’s an obvious thing to do. They think that I have an agenda to destroy his career and that’s not what that interview was about for me. There are more creative ways to do that. That interview was solely about these young girls. Just inspiring them and being theand voice for them and talking about my situation so that they can have something to hold on to. The hotline went up crazy because finally they had the courage to call the hotline and say “I’m going through this, I want to get out of this relationship”. I mean women who wanted to create suicide so say what you want but we are saving lives here.

On taking responsibility for being in a dysfunctional relationship
It was a learning experience for the both of us. There was alot of insecurities and control issues but that definitely for me was a learning experience because in relationships in the future I know to watch out for certain things. Alot of those were signs. I learned that in the end. There were signs..

On being a role model
What’s your definition of a role model? I represent alot of things. I’m also realistic in the lifestyle. I’m not a saint and everyone knows that. I can only be myself. It’s nothing I want more is for everyone to be themselves. Another thing is going through this whole…for the past 8 months, everything I’ve been through, It’s led me to this whole “I don’t give an F” attitude because people say things all the time. Even when you try to please them, it’s something else so the only thing you can do is be you. They are always going to say something so all I can do is be me.

On Dating Tristan, Drake, Rasheed, & Andrew
I don’t have [Tristan’s] phone number. Give me someone that’s hot and older. Me and Drake are still friends actually. [We hung out] a few times but no, never. Rasheed Lewis. Never even met him but apparently I was trying to break up his family. Andrew Bynum, we went on two dates apparently. Never met him either. I’m actually not dating. I just flirt…

On her break up with Chris Brown
It was difficult. It was a difficult process and a long one. Also my music helped me alot. Being in the studio was therapeutic. I got to vent. There was no cameras, there was no media. You don’t even realize when you are okay cause in your mind it’s just a fight non-stop with yourself trying to get through it and then one day you’ll see something and it doesn’t have the same effect on you as before, it’s like “wooooow”. I’ve gotten over it and now I’m free of that.

On why her hand was covering her eye on the album cover
Because I am a devil worshipper what are you talking about *<==in a joking voice*

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