Looks like Day 26 is one person short now. Que Tweeted that he just received a letter sayng that the group will be moving forward without him. He even changed his Twitter name to @On2ThaNext1Ne


And group member Willie responded saying they tried everything they could to keep Que in the group.
As previously reported, Day 26 has moved to Atlantic Records despite the fact that DIddy says they are still a part of Bad Boy. It’s just been a lot of drama for these dudes over the past year or so. I can see yet another reality show coming out of this though. God help us all….



So Que (formerly) of Day 26 just put out this video explaining what went down. Kinda. He said him getting kicked out the group wasn’t Diddy or Bad Boy’s fault, but it was Screwface’s–the group’s manager reportedly hired by Willie. He didn’t go into anymore detail, but basically said Day 26 doesn’t have their business in order and it’s not in his character to just not show up for Day 26 events. I guess that’s what he’s being accused of.