Obveus - HHUCIT

2015 should be an amazing year for music and the indie artist. Here at HHUCIT we plan to document that and bring you these emerging indie artists. Between expected releases from all the industry greats, this year should be a great year even if there was some great music in 2014. But beyond the returning titans, there are a lot of new, rising artists who are looking to receive their much deserved recognition and that’s something to be excited about. Here is Obveus a Hip Hop/R&B artist hailing from Newark, NJ. Her music is described as

 “Real life subject matter and lyricism that puts her amongst the top artists of her kind.”

She is here with her latest single Over Everything where she opens up with a mellow but aggressive cadence, leaving you wanting something more to listen to while she raps:

“Cause my light bill is high, license revoked and I cannot say bye, seen so much shit I’m surprised I ain’’t die…”

Please check out Obveus’ latest single and more at  soundcloud.com/nwknwk4life. Follow her on Facebook & Instagram.

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