Kevin Gates had the internet talking after a video of him bringing a fan onstage and spitting in her mouth. The woman brought on set is rumored to be in the early stages of her pregnancy.

Gates is known for his hilarious interviews and conversation-starting antics on the stage. During his last tour, the “2 Phones” emcee went viral for dry-humping the air, simulating sexual actions to get his women fans riled up. While many thought that was a bit much, this new development takes the cake. Most fans in the video seemed to be alarmed by the shocking exchange.

Fans of Gates are coming to expect these types of activities at this point. One fan on social media mentioned,

That video of that girl letting Kevin Gates spit in her mouth is disgusting,” while another Twitter user exclaimed, “Kevin Gates spitting in that pregnant lady’s mouth is beyond sick, and her fully complying is even worse. She belongs in prison.”

Other users went even further in detailing how they felt about the Portsmouth, Virginia, tour stop. One commentator said,

Why would a pregnant woman let Kevin Gates spit in her mouth?? Why would ANYONE let Kevin Gates spit in their mouth??” Another woman posted, “Whoever baby mama that is letting Kevin Gates spit in her mouth… I completely understand if you attempted to get sole custody.”