Kendrick Lamar Sits Down With President Obama [VIDEO]

January 12, 2016
2 minutes read
Kendrick Lamar Sits Down With President Obama [VIDEO]


From Compton to the White House: Kendrick Lamar is leading by example. Grammy’s golden boy continues his series of motivational PSAs. After promoting the value of “Hard Work,” he plays mentor in a new PSA for President Obama’s initiative, My Brother’s Keeper. In the minute-long clip, directed by Dave Meyers and The Little Homies, Kendrick becomes a mentor to the youth.

“If it helps the next kid become a better person in life, I will forever be aware of my influence and pay it forward,” he says.

He also shares never-before-seen photos from his visit to the White House, where he met with President Obama. Kendrick takes a seat in the Oval Office and shakes hands with Obama in front of a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, while discussing topics concerning the inner cities and youth.

“I sat down with President Barack Obama and shared the same views, topics concerning the inner cities, the problem, the solutions, and further more embracing the youth, both being aware that mentoring saves lives,” he reveals. “Sometimes I reflect and think back, ‘Where would I be if I hadn’t had the presence of an older acquaintance telling me what’s right and what’s wrong?’”

He encourages others to join him in “paying it forward” and support My Brother’s Keeperand MENTOR.

It turns out Obama is also a K-Dot fan. He chose “How Much a Dollar Cost” as his favorite song of 2015.

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