Justin Bieber was in a brawl.

While in Cleveland for the NBA Finals matchup between the Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, the “Sorry” singer scrapped with a man outside of his hotel at approximately 11 p.m.

It’s unclear what led to the altercation or who the other man is, but a video of the scuffle released by TMZ shows the two of them face-to-face before punches start landing. Eventually, they grapple on the ground with bystanders surrounding them.

A second video of the incident, presumably after the scuffle, shows a man wearing a Warriors jersey holding Bieber—who’s donning a Cavs shirt—in a bear hug. After he lets JB go, the singer appears upset.

In a likely reference to the fight, Bieber posted a selfie on Instagram with the since-deleted caption:

“Not a scratch on this pretty boy.”

No word on the official reason for any of this, but a witness told TMZ that Bieber was upset with people who wanted to take photos with him. Last month, the singer claimed he was“done taking pictures” with fans.