Hold up,
I wanna rock right now
My name is Hov and I came to shake the town
yeah your boys internationally known
but I’m from the hood got a pocket full of stones
I used to cop broad bait turn it into easy rock
just to stay Dougie fresh
all the sh-ts the easy rock
used to chef raekwon,
give fiends to ghost face,
ya’ll know my forte
I just might catch a dope case,
so I’m heavy in the D
the boy still snoop around since a pup I been Kurrupt
and I f-ck with the Dogg Pound
Uhhh, Roc Nation is the gang now
Dope lyrics is the only thing I slang now
I get the job done, I put the kane down
Its no Biggie, huh, I’m jus the king now!