Beyoncé and JAY-Z shocked the world when they dropped their joint album Everything Is Love on Saturday (June 16).

While fans were quick to analyze the features and producers, the official credits have now been revealed via TIDAL.

The Carters had a hand in producing every one of the nine tracks. Quavo and Offset lend their vocals to “Apeshit,” which was produced by Pharrell. The Neptunes hitmaker also produced and appears on “Nice.”

Ty Dolla $ign joins Bey and JAY on the Mike Dean-produced “Boss.” Other contributors include Cool & Dre (“Summer,” “713,” “Black Effect”), Boi-1da (“Friends,” “Heard About Us”), NAV (“Friends”), and Vinylz (“Heard About Us”), D’Mile (“Boss”), and Dave Sitek (“LoveHappy”).

There’s also a bonus track called “Salud!” produced by Cool & Dre, with vocals from Dre.


1. “Summer” – produced by Cool & Dre for Epidemic Music Inc, Beyoncè, and JAY-Z
2. “Apeshit” (feat. Quavo and Offset) – produced by Pharrell, JAY-Z, and Beyoncè
3. “Boss” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – produced by Beyoncè, Mike Dean, Melo-X, Derek Dixie, D’Mile for Medinah Entertainment, and JAY-Z
4. “Nice” (feat. Pharrell) – produced by JAY-Z, Pharrell, and Beyoncè
5. “713” – produced by JAY-Z, Beyoncè, Cool & Dre for Epidemic Music Inc, and 808-Ray for Epidemic Music
6. “Friends” – produced by Beyoncè, JAY-Z, Jahaan Sweet, and Boi-1da, co-produced by NAV and Sevn Thomas
7. “Heard About Us” – produced by Vinylz, Boi-1da, JAY-Z, Jahaan Sweet, !llmind, and Beyoncè
8. “Black Effect” – produced by JAY-Z, Beyoncè, and Cool & Dre for Epidemic Music Inc
9. “LoveHappy” – produced by JAY-Z, David Andrew Sitek, and Beyoncè

“Salud!” (feat. Dre from Cool & Dre) – produced by JAY-Z, Cool and Dre for Epidemic Music Inc, and Beyoncè, co-produced by Beat Butcha

Mazel tov! Hot off the release of their surprise joint album Everything Is Love, The Carters put up a glass on their bonus track “Salud!”

The celebratory song, a TIDAL exclusive, was produced by Cool & Dre, and also features vocals from Dre.

Bey gets the party started on her rap-sung verse.

“Put it on ice / Celebrate that we made it / I put it on Christ,” she sings. “Lord knows it takes hella patience when your name is a verb and these comments absurd / And they swear they know you better than you know yourself.”

Hov boasts about his all-glass house, wife with a “model walk,” and homes in Montauk, Tribeca, and New Orleans. He also addresses Donald Trump.

“Your president’s tweeting about Hov like he know us / My road to the top was to take what you owed us / I give a fuck what that man find vulgar / Just look in my eyes when you toast us.”

In addition to “Salud!,” Cool & Dre produced “Summer,” “713,” and “Black Effect.” Everything Is Love also features contributions from Quavo, Offset, Pharrell, Ty Dolla $ign, NAV, Dave Sitek, and Boi-1da.