German pop sensation Nadja Benaissa has confessed that she has had intimate relationships with men while she was HIV positive. The bigger problem is that Benaissa didn’t tell these men that she had the disease.

HIV is a very serious disease and should not be taken lightly. Benaissa should have told each of the men that she was with about her condition before getting intimate so that they could protect themselves, speak to their doctors, or refrain from having relations with her. Instead, Benaissa kept it a secret.

“The singer allegedly hid her illness from three men she had sex with between 2000 and 2004, one of whom later became infected with the HIV virus. The 34-year-old man says he and Benaissa had unprotected sex multiple times, and that her aunt ultimately told him the singer was HIV positive, causing him to get himself tested” (The NY Daily News).

Infected at just seventeen years old, Benaissa, from the popular girls group No Angels, kept her disease a secret, thinking no one would find out and that her partners weren’t likely to be infected. She still continued having unprotected sex, thus leading to the infection of the one man mentioned above, and quite possibly the other two (or more if there are more).

In a statement Benaissa says,

“I’d been told the likelihood of infecting someone or that I would develop the illness [AIDS] was more or less zero. For that reason, I kept the news even from my close group of friends [as] I didn’t want my daughter to be stigmatized. I never made it public because I feared that it would mean the end of the band” (via the NY Daily News).

The twenty-eight year old singer is on trial for “grievous bodily harm and attempted aggravated assault” (NY Daily News).

This is a sad story but it’s also eye opening. Teenagers need to be made aware of the severity of STD’s and HIV/AIDS. It’s no joke.

HIV singer’s managers ‘tried to buy off man she infected’

A MAN who says he was infected with HIV by a singer with Germany’s top girl band claimed in court yesterday that her management tried to buy his silence over her condition.

The 34-year-old, who says No Angels star Nadja Benaissa infected him with the HIV virus, stared at her in court saying: “You caused me so much grief.”

He said he had sex with her up to seven times over a three-month period in 2004, at least three of which were without condoms.

He maintained a platonic relationship with her after their affair ended and said it was her aunt who told him in 2007 that she was HIV positive.

The man told the court in the western city of Darmstadt;

“My quality of life has shrunk enormously. I cannot travel to many countries. I have been told by my doctor my condition can become full-blown Aids at any time.

My income is halved but this is not about money. I am getting nausea all the time.”

He said Benaissa’s management offered him a deal to remain silent about her HIV-positive status but he said he wanted her to go public with it and pay €100,000 to an Aids research charity.