DMX made headlines when it was announced that he would fight George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing match. But not so fast, says X. The 43-year-old rapper, born Earl Simmons, says there are still more details to be hammered out before he steps into the ring with the former neighborhood watchman.

“Well, I was challenged, I was challenged. You know, I still haven’t really decided if I would do it. But if I did do it, the money going to him would have to go to charity,” X told FOX Carolina.

However, X has vowed to kick Zimmerman’s ass if and when the fight goes down.

“I will gladly beat the shit out of him,” he said.

Despite Zimmerman’s physical advantage, the 6-foot, 160 lb. DMX feels that he can easily take him on.

“It doesn’t matter. When you fight with your heart, you’re always gonna win,” said a confident X.

If he decides not to fight Zimmerman, The Game is more than willing to step in and won’t ask for a paycheck.

“I’ll beat that boy azz til he look like Martin on that one episode !!!!” tweeted Game.

Watch X weigh in on his potential showdown with Zimmerman.